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About the company

At Pro JukeBox we are above all fans and passionate about music. We go to see every year, several shows of Rock, Blues, Country, etc. The co-founder and designer of Pro JukeBox is a Karaoke fan and DJ in his spare time. We had childhood memories of jukeboxes. Who hasn’t asked their parents for thirty cents to play music? To make our passion our business, there was only one step to cross. So we invested 2 years of our time and energy in research and development, to make THE Jukebox of the future, available now. Our devices are a mixture of nostalgia and modernity. We have not skimped on the design, on the quality of the materials and above all…on the sound! A Jukebox is above all an extraordinary music machine that should make you want to dance, sing and party! 

A Pro JukeBox in your home and the party begins !


Over the last 20 years or so, the jukebox has lost much of the popularity its predecessors enjoyed. However, this does not mean that it is dead, far from it. Over the years it has survived many threats without ever disappearing.

Once a regular in thousands of bars and small restaurants across the United States, it became a familiar sight. Its special shape and appearance ensured that it would always retain its aura of mystery. The memories they bring back are numerous…

It was in the Jukebox of a cafeteria that the lonely trucker would insert a nickel to dream about his girlfriend on the way home. It was to the JukeBox that young people would head to play the song of Chuck Berry or Elvis, to whom they worshiped.

We all have a JukeBox memory. The rich sounds coming from this luxurious machine transformed the atmosphere. Thousands of romances (and occasional fights) began with it. Parents were afraid of this evil machine that made their children sway.

In their heyday, 4 major companies produced them: Seeburg, Rock-Ola, AMI and of course the most famous Wurlitzer.

When the colours lost their lustre, the furniture became dingy and the shiny metal became dull, the JukeBoxes were finally disconnected and put out of business. Production was even halted for a time to reserve the metal for the war effort. But… legends never die !

The Jukebox has always been very present in movies. Who has forgotten the last scene of Top Gun ?


A true cult series from the 70’s where everything happens at Arnold’s around the Jukebox!


Garth’s imagination in this scene in front of the Jukebox is simply hilarious !


Sandy (Olivia Newton John) ignoring Danny (John Travolta) in front of the Jukebox is a striking scene in the film.



Appearance in San Francisco of the first cylinder phonograph with 4 songs inside.



The technological revolution arrives. This is the year when the Seeburg company manufactures a device that plays 45 rpm vinyl records. We can then, according to the models, include about fifty vinyl records.



Marks the arrival of the Compact Discs which replace the vinyl records. A giant step is made. One can now insert more than a hundred CDs in a Jukebox.



This is the birth of Pro JukeBox… Fully digital, can contain thousands of tracks or receive the songs from an application on the Internet such as Spotify, iTunes Music, YouTube Music, Sonos etc.



The 78-rpm record is used. The name jukebox appears for the first time to describe this music box. About ten records can be used.



Then comes the beginning of the digital era… A giant leap has just been made…



That year marked the arrival of the first jukebox software to integrate digital decoding, Winamp was born. With its system of customizable skins, it will be downloaded more than three million times… eight months after its launch. Winamp will be the first brick of the digital revolution in progress.