The music in

The living environment

Did you know that music has many benefits for the aging community?

Music is part of our lives, from our earliest childhood, with our parents’ nursery rhymes and songs, to the end of our lives.

The Music,

  • Make you dance, move and sing
  • Bring back the deepest feelings
  • Makes the environment happy
Music is life…

Make a difference

Real people. Real stories!

Whether in a retirement home (RPA), an intermediate resource (IR) or a long-term care facility (CHSLD), music brings people together and makes them want to get moving again.
Thanks to its speaker, microphones can be plugged in to create your animation before starting your music machine.

Guaranteed fun!

Every time a Pro JukeBox is installed in the home, it’s inevitable that residents, families, employees and volunteers start singing, dancing and having fun. As the saying goes, ”The party’s in the house !”

Our work

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CHSLD-Villa Soleil
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